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Top Temples in Asansol

Asansol is a developing metropolis with an enormous population and is buzzing with activities. There are swanky vehicles rushing on smooth roads and modern commercial complexes all around the city. It is one of the largest urban areas in West Bengal, after Kolkata. While being one of India’s fastest-growing cities, the burst of progress is not clouding Asansol’s wonderful culture. This city is sophisticated yet vibrant.

The religious spirit will strike every traveler’s chord instantly in this City Of Brotherhood. The multicultural urban lifestyle is tinged with the fundamental Bengali culture. The elements that summaries Asansol are not just buzzing avenues, shopping malls, historical landmarks, and big buildings. There are some amazing heritage shrines that add a touch to the color and beauty of this city.

There are innumerable temples in Asansol. Temples here are not just for the purpose of religious or spiritual gatherings but they are a part of the lifestyle of Asansolians. People visit temples every morning, they offer prayer, meditate, and relax. The famous temples in Asansol, with their rich spiritual history and wonderful structures, attract a lot of devotees and religious tourists. They are also visited by all those who like to explore beautiful sights.

There are a lot of historic temples in the city. Every historical temple is dedicated to a different deity and has a different story behind it. The historic stories are often called folktales. Most folktales have a symbolic significance or a moral behind them. These stories attract a lot of young enthusiasts also. That is why they have a huge significance in the city’s culture.

In Asansol, temples are constructed in the distinctive architectural styles of West Bengal. The temples are a symbol of spirituality, culture, and art.  The temples are dedicated to gods of different faiths and have some very fascinating stories to tell about mythology. Temples are a fantastic idea to explore the city in a new way.

5 Famous Temples In Asansol – Religious Temples for Hindus


Kalyaneshwari Temple

One of the most popular tourist locations in Asansol is the Kalyaneshwari Temple. In the 3rd Century AD, Harigupta built the original building. Harigupta built the temple at a place nearest to the capital of the kingdom, Salanpu. The temple is located very close to Maithan, another popular tourist place near Asansol. It is situated about 20 km from the town. The exact address of the temple is at Kalyaneshwari in Asansol Sadar. It is actually a subdivision of Paschim Bardhaman district.

Kalyaneshwari temple

The ancient temple is devoted to Maa Kalyaneshwari and is thought to be over 500 years old.  Maa Kalyaneshwari, who is also the presiding goddess at the temple is none other than Hindu Goddess Shakti or Kali. By her blessings, many women who have difficulty conceiving find solace. The ‘Lady of Fulfilment’ is another name of Maa Kalyaneshwari.

Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple

On the banks of a small river called Nunia exists the famous Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple. The temple is situated in Asansol on the peak of Kali Pahadi. The temple doors are open after sunrise.

It is a must-visit for those who are believers of the Mother Goddess Ghagar Buri Chandi. In the mornings, there are maximum visitors. The best season for visiting the Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple is the winter season. The temple has a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. Most people visit the temple to offer puja and seek the blessings of Maa Ghagar Buri Chandi. While there are many others who visit the temple to enjoy the peace and relax.

Many newly married couples visit the temple to seek the goddess’s blessings. Local taxis from Asansol Railway Station to the temple are readily available, so you don’t have to worry about finding a route. For religious tourists and devotees, it is one of the most popular destinations to visit.

Begunia Temple

Begunia is located 17 km from Asansol. Public transport is available for the temple. You can also book a round trip cab to visit the temple and come back. Alternatively, you can also hire tourist vehicles. This will make it a quick visit with a lot of information and stories about the temple and the places that you cross while traveling. The guides are usually Bengali speaking but you might find luck as many of them know basic Hindi and English. All four Begunia Temples are situated in one complex, secured by a wide border wall. The temples are sacred and heavenly. The walls ensure no invasion and a lot of peace and calmness.

The temples get their name from the brinjal (eggplant) which is called “begun” in Hindi, hence the ‘Begunia’ name. The temples are labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Two of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva, one to Goddess Durga, and one to Lord Ganesha. All 4 temples have beautiful exteriors.  So, you will get to visit all the major gods and goddesses in these temples.

Shiv Temple

Shiv mandir in Asansol is the ideal place to have a relaxing, divine, and spiritual time with yourselves. Lord Shiva is the supreme god. His name is enough to bring goosebumps on one’s skin. Many devotees from across the nation come to visit the shiv temple. Some meditate, some chant mantras and some others just can’t go back after feeling the vibe of this temple.

This temple is also a famous tourist spot and a center of attraction.  Get drenched in the spirit of divinity that you get to experience at Shiv mandir in Asansol. There is so much to attract your senses and give you relaxation to its fullest. Shiv mandir of Asansol is not only a place for sightseeing, but it also helps you to snatch a moment of self-indulgence for yourself. The place is a good way to refresh and chill after a busy weekday.

Discover fascinating stories, incredible designs, colorful environment and get amused by its serenity. Shiv Mandir is the perfect place for children and families to have a memorable time. So, at Shiv Mandir in Asansol, enjoy a satisfying outing.

Temples in Asansol use symbolism to convey ideas and beliefs. All temples are rooted in Vedic traditions and ancient Hindu and Jain culture. The mythology behind each temple, its meaning, and the stories that connect to it are very important and interesting. Once you are acquainted with the temples and the stories and teachings they offer, it would bring more sense to your worship. It is believed that Asansol temples are places of peace where your mind will surely get purified. Temples of different styles are located in various locations, using various construction techniques, and are adapted to various gods and regional ideologies in Asansol. But almost all of them share and depict the core idea of love and togetherness.

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