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Malls in Asansol

Shopping malls are everyone’s favorite! Everyone loves to see the branded shops, enjoy the recreational area and soak in the sights and sounds of a bustling mall.

Asansol is one of the busy metropolitan cities in the state of West Bengal. It is the second-ranked city in West Bengal in terms of largeness and population. Being one of the largest cities, it has entertainment and shopping avenues in and around the area. Shopping malls in Asansol are one such busy center. The malls regularly see a massive turnout of people-both young and old who visit the malls to enjoy the hustling environment, shop at luxurious branded shops, and enjoy the recreational facilities.

List of Top Shopping Malls in Asansol

Galaxy Mall

The Galaxy Mall is located in Burnpur road and is one of the city’s most visited shopping malls. It is one of the best malls and houses a Big Bazaar outlet and other branded stores. It is an all-in-one mall with shopping, recreational, and refreshments avenues.  Galaxy Mall is reputed to give the best footfall amongst all the shopping places in the city.

Sentrum Mall

The Sentrum Shopping Mall is located in Sen Raleigh road in Shrishtinagar and houses some leading branded shops. The mall also has a recreational play area for the kids to enjoy and a food court for refreshments.

Parbati Shopping Arcade

Located on G. T. Road East Asansol, the Parbati Shopping Arcade is one of the city’s leading business places. The arcade has several shops wherein customers will get everything they want- branded items, everyday use essentials, household supplies, and many more. It’s a hustling and bustling scene place of the city.

Shopping in Asansol

8t9 Fashion

If you are looking for a place to purchase designer, attractive, fashionable clothes, this shopping mall is the right place. They possess readymade garments, dresses, sarees, and clothing- both Indian and Western for men, women, and children. The shopping mall is located in Sripur Bazar road in Asansol.

The Hookah Lovers

This store is located in Hutton Road and is a place where customers can get everything in household supplies and groceries. The store is the right marketplace with huge parking space. This means that customers need not worry about parking their vehicles.  The shop has premium quality products available at affordable rates for all.

Rainbow Big Shop

This store is located on G. T. Road, Bastin Bazar, and houses some of the best quality products that are available in the city.  It is one of the oldest shopping avenues in the city.

Shopping malls in Asansol

Laxmi Narayan Avenue

This commercial hub is located in Ushagram and has a beautiful bakery and confectionary near it. The Laxmi shopping avenue also has parking facilities for two and four-wheelers. The best thing about this place is that it doesn’t remain too crowded. The avenue houses some of the best-branded shops in the city.  The hub is well known for jewelry shops.

Ram Babu Market

Located in Hamid Nagar, the market is beautiful and sparkling clean tidy. The shopping arcade has an extensive stock of goods and supplies for customers to choose from.

Arghya Complex Plaza

The Arghya Commercial Plaza is located in Asansol Court Area and has several branded stores for luxurious shopping.  It is one of the first shopping avenues of Asansol and is frequently thronged by customers from in and around Asansol.

Rina Complex

The Rina Complex is a shopping mall/avenue located in SB Gorai Rd in Chelidanga. The complex has luxurious branded stores and also stores where you can get affordable and regular items. It is a one-for-all-stop shopping avenue.

Asansol is a bustling city with people who love to shop and visit shopping malls. This is why the city has several shopping malls and malls that offer recreational facilities too for families to enjoy!