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Tourist Places Near Asansol

Weekend trips are always a better option for recharging and refreshing ourselves in comparison to longer trips. With the hectic work schedule in the 21st century, more than often we find it difficult to plan for longer vacations. Add to it the budget constraints, and longer planning that is needed for a 10-day trip.

On such occasions, a long weekend or even two nights on the weekend can do wonders. With the hassle of booking expensive flights and hotels, and cajoling the HR for leaves, a quick weekend getaway provides you with the benefits of a break from daily drudgeries.

So if you are looking for places to visit for your next weekend trip around Asansol, we have just the right list for you.


Durgapur is the second planned metropolitan city in India and functions under the municipal corporation of West Bengal. It is also the only city with a functional dry dock in the entire Eastern region of the country.

The city of Durgapur is also called the Steel City of Bengal because of being home to the two most important steel plants. This place is a favourite among city dwellers for its historical significance as well as kids for the nature parks. Some of the most common places to check out while visiting Durgapur are Durgapur Barrage, Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla, Ram Mandir, Ichai Ghosh’s Temple, Durgapur Steel Plant, City Centre, Kumar Mangalam Park, and Deul Park. The city is well connected by all modes of transportation- airport, trains, and buses. You can also take a long drive from Asansol to Durgapur since the distance between the two cities is only 42 km.

There are a number of hotels in the city center for tourists to stay in. The most favourable time to visit is the months from October to January.


Located 68 km from Asansol, Bishnupur is a town situated in Bankura, a district of West Bengal. Bishnupur is renowned for its rich history in architecture, music, and handicraft. It is said that the Malla rulers decided to build temples out of terracotta because there were not many stones available to carve out the idols of Lord Krishna. The style of these terracotta temples also contains influences from the neighbouring districts. Interestingly, the architecture is a mix of bent rooftops common in Bengal along with vaults and multi-lobed curves which were more common in Muslim households. Apart from temples, there are huge tanks or “bandhs” that have become tourist spots. Months between November and February are mostly recommended for visiting Bishnupur.

The easiest way to reach Bishnupur is by taking a car from Asansol. It is also accessible by trains. The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport, located 121 km from Bishnupur.

Tourist Places Near Asansol


If there is a place that is highly frequented by city dwellers for their weekends apart from the beaches of Digha and Mandarmani, it is Mukutmanipur. Located in Bankura, Mukutmanipur is a small town with its rich green forest, cool and clear water, and green undulated topography.

It is also famous for the Mukutmanipur Dam- one of the biggest providers of steady water supply in India since 1950. The dam is spread over a huge area of more than 8,000 sq. km. Bangopalpur Reserve Forest is another well-known tourist attraction. It is home to thousands of species of birds and animals and is located 2 km away from the Mukutmanipur Dam.

If you choose to plan your trip to Mukutmanipur, the ideal time to visit would be the months of October, November, December, January, February, and March. The distance from Asansol to Mukutmanipur is 76 km and can be traversed by trains, buses, and cars.


Also known as the Granary of Bengal, Bardhaman is a city in West Bengal. The city received its name from Vardhamana Mahavira- the last Jain Tirthankar in the 6th century BC. It is said that he crossed this place and ever since, it has been invaded numerous times. One of the most famous conflicts were between Sher Afgab and Qutubuddin Aibak dated back to the early 17th century. The fight was over Meherunissa, the wife of Sher Afgan who later emerged as Noor Jehan.

In the later centuries, the Bardhaman Rajbari became one of the most influential households and contributed to the future of the city.

Some of the attractions in Bardhaman that are worth visiting are the Deer Park, Rajbati, Sarbamangala Temple, Christ Church, Curzon Gate, 108 Shiv Mandir, Science Centre, Meghnad Saha Planetarium, Damodar Riverside, and Krishnasayar Park and Lake. Bardhaman has located 121 km from Asansol. But it is well connected by trains. You can also take a long drive to Bardhaman. But trains will take lesser time to reach. The months between November and March are ideal to visit this place.


Deoghar is located in Jharkhand and translates as the Abode of God. It is a pilgrim city located roughly 164 km from Asansol. Deoghar is home to the Baidyanathdham temple which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas located in India.

Tourists from all over the country as well as from various parts of the world flock to this city for paying homage to Lord Shiva. In fact, there are temples in every nook and corner of the city of different deities. Deoghar is also favored for its rich culture and traditional customs. Nandan Pahar is a hilltop garden whose streets are filled with ancient legends, myths, and stories of centuries.

Deoghar has its own airport which is 272 km away from the city. Two major railheads Deoghar and Baidyanathdham are well connected to the city center and are mostly preferred by tourists. There are multiple accommodations available throughout the city for travelers to choose from. The best time to visit Deoghar would be anytime between the months of October and March.