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Asansol Municipal Corporation

Asansol is a northwestern city in the state of West Bengal. It lies on the north of the river Damodar, around 8 kilometers or 30 miles northwest of Durgapur. The Asansol Municipal Corporation (AMC) is the civic body in Asansol that governs the Asansol Sadar subdivision in Pashchim Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India.

History of Asansol Municipal Corporation or AMC

According to a notification issued on October 29, 1850, Union Committees were put up in Raniganj, Katwa, Kalna, and the city of Asansol. These Union Committees fulfilled the functions of the municipalities. According to a notification dated April 23, 1885, Assensole (now Asansol) Municipality was set up on July 7, 1885. The sectors covered by the municipality at that time were: Bastin’s Bazar, the English Area, the Railway Colony, the Munshi Bazar, the Talpukur Chati areas, and the Budhdanga village. Seven government officials and twelve nominated members became and formed the first committee.

With time, the municipal city town grew considerably from the industrial point of view. With the increase in coal mining growth, the developmental pace speeded up, especially in the railways and IISCO steel plant at Burnpur. The city finally emerged as a Municipal Corporation in 1994 by merging some rural parts of its community development block, certain colliery areas, and the Burnpur Notified Area Authority.

At present, the administrative area of Asansol Municipal Corporation runs over an area of 326 sq km. The municipal areas of Kulti, Ranjganj, and Jamuria also fall within the jurisdiction of Asansol Municipal Corporation, according to the notification of June 3, 2015, by the Kolkata Gazette.

Geography of AMC

At present, the Asansol Municipal Corporation covers 106 wards and is governed by the West Bengal Municipal Corporation Act, 2006. According to the 2015 notification by the Kolkata Gazette, the following areas are included within the Asansol Municipal Corporation.

Areas included under the town of Raniganj

Raniganj, Searsole, Amrasota, Ronal, Kumar Bazar, and Mangalpur.

Areas under the town of Kulti

Debipur, Duburdi, Indkata, Damagoria, Jamaldi, Chanpatria, Digari, Sabanpur, Baria, Lalbazar, Ramnagar, Manberia, Balitora, Kendua, Petna, Kulti, Lachmanpur, Rampur, Calbalpur, Dedi, Kultora, Pupuri, Badirachak, Mahutdi, Shipur, Kuldi, Namagarapara, Gangutia, Raydi, Barakar, Chungaria, Mahatadi, Boldi, Narayanchak, Hatinal, Para, Jasaldi, Sanctoria, Dishergarh, Shitalpur, Manoharchak, ChotaDemua, Sodepur, Radhanagar, Asanbani, Bhanrra, Kalikapur, Sitarampur, Belrui, Lachipur, Kumardiha, Neamatpur, Bamundiha, Alladi, Mithani, Kamalpur, Henrelgaria, Bejdi, Paidi and Chinakuri.

The areas under Jamuria

Jhila, Shibpur, Nandi, Damodarpur, Jamuria, Kaithi, Pariharpur, Sripur, Kundlia, Joba, Khokula, Ninga, Chanda, Bogra, Banali, Mithapur, Satgram, Katagora, Bijpur, Balanpur, Mandalpur, Ikra, Sekpur, Mamudpur and Sarthakpur.

The collieries in Asansol Municipal Corporation

Damra, Ajay Second, Khusadanga, Girmint, KakorDanga, C.M. Ghushik, 3 No.Ghushik, MohishilaHattola, Narshamuda, Dhemomain, and K.D. Sim.


Industries under AMC

  1. In India, the oldest Iron & Steel Company, Indian Iron and Steel Company, and Burn Standard Company are situated in the Burnpur area.
  2. A multinational company called Reckitt & Benckiser also has a unit of production in Asansol.
  3. The McDowell, a foreign liquor company, has its production unit on the western side. Kalyanpur Industrial Area in North of Asansol has been developed for medium & small scale industries.
  4. Ready infrastructure is available with help from the ADDA, WBSEB, and water supply from this Corporation’s area. The ADDA has also allotted land to Entrepreneurs for setting up Small & Cottage Industries.
Collieries in Asansol

5. Nationalized Banks have been set up to sanction loans under DIC sponsored schemes and other schemes to the Entrepreneurs. Maximum of them have started production. State Government gives financial assistance under BSKP.

Mining of Coal

Asansol has a vast reserve of coal, and it is particularly famous for its mining, among other things. Collieries like Damra, Ajay Second, Khusadanga, Girmint, Kakor Danga, C.M. Ghushik, Mohishila Hattola, Narshamuda, and K.D. Sim is situated within the corporation area for mining.


Asansol is an essential division of the Eastern Railway of the Indian Railways. The Central Government has decided to make the Asansol Railway Station a model Railway Station. It is situated 200 km away from Howrah, a crucial railway junction of South Eastern Railways. The Eastern Railway mainline and a branch of the S.E. Railway line connect the city with other parts of the country.


The National Highway 2 passes through the city, linking the major cities from Kolkata to New Delhi and Amritsar.


Asansol is an industrial city surrounded by some rural areas, and the scope for agricultural prosperity is minimal. Although vast agricultural land exists in the city, rocky soil and low rainfall limit the agricultural prospects forcing the inhabitant to harvest their crops only once a year, that too in rainy seasons. The farmers nevertheless harvest their crops on the river banks or areas where the irrigation facilities exist throughout the year. They produce rice, wheat, and seasonal vegetables.

Places in Asansol

Demography Of Asansol

The 2011 Census of India was carried out well before the Asansol Municipal Corporation’s reorganization in 2015. Following are the Census data for the area, which is part of Asansol Municipal Corporation since 2015.

Name Total Population Female Population Male Population Population above the age of 6years Total population of literates Literates as % of Population above 6 years
Asansol Municipal Corporation 563,917 48 % 52% 503,734 419,591 83.30%
Jamuria Municipality 145,276 48 % 52% 126,278 90,854 71.95%
Raniganj Municipality 129,441 48 % 52% 113,720 88,299 77.65%
Kulti Municipality 313,809 48 % 52% 278,424 209,952 75.41%
Total 1,152,443 48 % 52% 1,022,156 808,696 79.12%

Asansol Urban Agglomeration

According to the 2011 census, the urban agglomeration (U.A.)) centered upon Asansol shows that the total population of Asansol is 1,243,414. This urban agglomeration was rated the second most populous in West Bengal (after Kolkata) and the 39th most populous in India.

AmarnathChatterjee Chairman 30 9434201380
TabassumAra Deputy Member 63 Environment ,Plantation & Street Light 9641016273
Lakshman Thakur Member 106 Solid Waste Management 9233988778
AbhijitGhatak Member 50 Sports & Culture 9832193644
Anjana Sharma Member 78 Education 9332123945
DibyenduBhakat Member 93 Health 9378263953
PurnaSashi Roy Member 32 Water Supply 9475861825
Mir Hashim Member 59 Minority Development 9434383786
ShyamSoren Member 15 Urban Wage Employment & SC, ST, OBC related matters 9547413853