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Maithon Dam

Maithon is the place that reflects the ultimate combination of natural beauty and technology. The bare fact about this scenic place is that it’s a town sharing the border of two states – West Bengal & Jharkhand. This place is also called – “Kashmir of Koylanchal” because of the famous coal belt in India. And, the center of attraction for tourists for decades is the Maithon Dam of Damodar valley corporation project. The reservoir has become a breath-taking weekend getaway and a popular picnic spot.

There are amusement parks, temples, and homes for migratory birds near the dam that might please your eyes, where you can enjoy the beauty of mother nature peacefully. Here are some beautiful things you may encounter on your journey to this beautiful place.

Maithon Dam Sunset Photo

Brief About Maithon Dam

It is situated on the Barakar River, approximately 12.9 km above its junction with the Damodar near the border of Dhanbad and Burdwan districts in the states of Jharkhand & West Bengal respectively. Measurement-wise, this hydel project is 65 square kilometers as per surface area, and it has a length of 15,712 feet (4,789 m) and a height of 165 feet (50 m). The objectives of this dam comprise – flood control, water supply for industrial and domestic purposes, navigation & drainage, transmission & generation of electrical energy.

It is specially designed to control the flood and generates electric power of around 60,000 KWs. In southeast Asia, this is the first underground power generating station of its kind. The spot is off-limits to the tourists, and entry to the hydel project built by TATA has restricted the entrance of general visitors. You may need to take management permission to visit these places.

Maithon Dam

Ways To Reach the Maithon Hydel Project

Maithon Dam is not so far from Asansol. You can avail different transportation means as per your convenience. If you follow the road from Kolkata city, then take the Durgapur expressway to Asansol, and there are two passes – one is through a town named Neyamatpur & another from the Ushagram side. After crossing the toll road, drive towards Chirkunda on the Bihar & West Bengal border to hit the destination route. You can also take a tourist bus from Kolkata to Asansol and book an auto or local transport to reach the spot.

If you are taking the train route, then take any express train to Asansol Railway Station or Kumardubi station. From there, you need to take a local train to Mugma Station and hire a trekker to reach the destination point that is 9km from the railway station. Or else, you can directly book a private car or a trekker to visit the place. There are lots of luxurious hotels and bungalows available at an affordable cost as per your preference, near the dam.

Prospects & Opportunities

Efficient management of water resources via canals, dams, and barrage is the main purpose. Damodar Valley Corporation assisted irrigation with domestic & industrial water supply for the benefit of the people. Since 1953, DVC has been distributing and transmitting electrical energy to meet the requirements of the consumers. Recently, it has cooperated with the TATA power and a thermal project started with the name of MPL (Maithon Power Limited) to provide more functionalities. Damodar Valley Corporation also offers multiple employment services to management and engineering graduates as per their abilities and undergo different training programs.

Sightseeing Near Maithon Dam

As the climate of this place remains bearable throughout the year, people love to take a break and beat the heat of the scorching summer. If you are on the list of seasonal tourists, and searching for heavenliness in Jharkhand, then visiting Maithon won’t lower your expectations. Let’s check some of the prominent places that may uplift your traveling experience.

Sightseeing Near Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam Lake

It is one of the embellishing dams in India. The biggest dam of DVC with blue water and greenery makes for a breath-taking weekend gateway. If you want to witness the enchanting dam, visit the lake at the time of dusk. You will go speechless by seeing the spellbound view of the lake.

Migratory birds visit the Maithon Dam in large numbers during the winter season. Thousands of photographers and bird lovers from different places visit here with their families to enjoy that inexpressible scenario. Due to a lack of aquatic flora and fauna, the number of migratory birds has reduced over time tough.

Spoon Island

Another nearby eye-catching and attractive place situated in the midst of the Maithon lake is Spoon Island that portrays the essence of tranquility and serenity in Dhanbad. As it resembles the shape of an inverted spoon, this island has become a picturesque spot for many photographers.

Several wild animals dwell in Spoon Island, and it is advisable not to visit the place in the absence of a guide. You can go for boat rides, and it is an ideal place for destination fishing. If you are traveling from Asansol, Sabuj Deep is one of the alluring family picnic spots that you must visit once.

Deer Park

Deer Park is another enticing place and prime attraction for nature lovers. The small stream following from the dam into the park and the green surroundings make it an eye-popping place and accentuate the overall beauty of that area.

Kalyaneshwari Temple

It is one of the oldest and recognized temples in Dhanbad. People believe this is a place where childless mothers visit to pray for a child. The temple is just 3 km far from the dam, and during the festivals, the temple witnesses lot of visitors. The surrounding ambiance and the old structural layouts of the temple give a timeless aesthetic and a soothing vibe.

Maithon Dam Images


Close By Places Of Interest

Panchet Dam– It’s a nearby center of attraction and approximately 17km from Asansol. Garh Panchakot is the closest popular tourist spot.

Pahari Baba Mandir– It’s located on the hilltop near Maithon Dam. The temple is 2,140 feet above sea level. You can see the entire Ranchi district from this temple.

Millennium Park & Phool Bagan– It is situated below the dam and every year during Christmas you will get to see a flower show.

Kaali Pahari– This is an old temple of goddess Kaali, located at the end of the Maithon township and the starting of the dam. The temple is designed in Bengal-Oriya style of decor.

Maithon Thermal Power Plant- Crossing 4 km from the dam, this newly built project of the TATA power plant has become a focal point for tourists. It has hydel, gas, and power plants in one place. After sunset, you can see a mesmerizing and glittering view of the thermal plant from across the dam.

Issues the Dam is Experiencing in The Current Times

  • The water filling should increase a lot for better power generation. Whereas people associated with flood control management suggested lowering the water storage. It is the only major conflict. Hence, it is required to keep the water at an optimum level for the ease of both parties.
  • The dam is also synonymous with the name Dead Storage Capacity because, with the advent of time, the capacity of the project has decreased due to non-acquisition of land, excessive human and industrial activities in the surroundings.

Bottom Line

The Maithon Dam is not only a hub of water supply and irrigational process but also notable for its fascinating view and greenery. Watching sunrise and sunset near the dam is one of the delightful moments for the tourists. If you believe in spirituality, there are many temples you can visit. Altogether, if you want to divert your mind from this chaotic schedule of your daily life, visiting these weekend destinations might refresh your mind.