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Dentists in Asansol

Teeth are an integral part of the human body.  They complement the human face making it look appealing and beautiful. Everyone notices a smile- it is perhaps the first thing that one sees. As such, it is essential to keep the teeth healthy and strong. And for that, dentists and dental clinics are essential.

Dentists are people who specialize in treating teeth and mouth-related issues and problems. The dentists provide a multitude of services like cleaning, teeth brightening, oral health checkups, oral surgery, teeth scaling, root canal, root fillings, and many more. Dentists and dental clinics also specialize in orthodontics to ensure a proper facial look.

Asansol, being the second-largest city in West Bengal, has many reputed and specialized dentists in and around it. These dental clinics offer optimum and efficient dental services for people and are easily accessible by anyone anytime.

We bring to you some of the leading and best dentists and dental clinics located in Asansol.

Asansol Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic

This is a multi-specialty dental clinic in Asansol. The dental clinic specializes in providing modern dental treatments for patients. It has a workforce of leading experts of dental surgery and care who work hard to provide the best services.  Asansol Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic’s services include regular dental examination, general dental care, dental implants, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry, among others. The clinic is located in SenRaliegh Road,

Smile Dental Clinic

This clinic is located in Hutton Road and is one of the leading dental care clinics in Asansol. The clinic offers various dental care services like regular dental checkups, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and root canal.

Strong Roots Dental Care

Located in Rabindra Nagar, Strong Roots Dental Care has some of the experts in dental care. The dental care clinic has a strict hygienic environment and implements advanced dental care services to patients. The clinic specializes in dental surgery and has efficient facilities to provide the same.

Dr. Kuntal Banerjee Dental Clinic

This dental clinic is located in Pathak Bari in Asansol. The clinic doctors are efficient and cooperative and have the upper hand in providing dental care services. It is one of the most popular dental clinics in the city.


Oracle Dental Specialty Clinic

This specialty clinic offers good standardized dental care services and has some of the leading dental specialists in town. It is one of the most sought after dental clinics in Asansol and gives painless dental care treatments. The clinic has all the modern facilities and machines for dental surgery.

Dental Clinic

Sai Dental Clinic

This dental clinic of Pathak Bari is one of the best and affordable dental clinics in Asansol. The clinic provides a slew of advanced dental care services.

Ibrahimi Dental Clinic

It is another good dental clinic in Asansol, it is located in Azad Nagar Road in Moore. The clinic has some of the highly qualified and super experienced dentists of the city.

ProudWorld Dental Care

This dental clinic in Galaxy Mall has some of the leading cosmetic dentistry surgeons of Asansol. The multi-specialty clinic is famous for the cosmetic dentist services they offer. Additionally, they also conduct dental implants and oral surgery to give you a sparkling smile and healthy teeth.

Family Dental Clinic

This dental clinic is located in KT Road in Railpar and has some of the good dentists of Asansol. The clinic is famous for the superior dental services and efficient tackling of critical dental issues. The dentists here are friendly and give specialized care to every patient.

Advanced Dental Clinic

This dental clinic is located in Gopalpur and has experienced dental surgeons. The clinic offers specialized and good quality dental treatments to leave the patients contented and healthy, shiny teeth.

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