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Picnic Spot Near Asansol

Picnics with friends and family are the most enjoyable ones. We get to spend time with those we love, have fun, and enjoy lip-smacking food. Children get to play around the picnic spots and have a great time. But with most of us being city dwellers, finding places in the city with some greenery can be quite a challenge. We have prepared this list of places in and around the where you can have a picnic without the chaos of the city.


Nehru Park

This park was developed on the banks of River Damodar, Burnpur while paying particular attention to the preservation of the undulating terrain of the land.

Nehru Park’s former name was Riverside Park which later became Lahmeyer Park (named after the German manager who planned the park). It was not until the celebration of the birth centenary year that the place was named after the then Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.


The landscape of the park makes it an ideal destination for picnics. A small lake inside the park provides boating facilities. The uneven topography has been turned into gardens. Nehru Park is well connected by auto rickshaws and buses in the city.


Spandan Recreation Park

Fairly a new addition to the parks and recreational areas in the city of Asansol, Spandan Recreational Park lies 3.2 km from the city center.

It is a great place for families to have picnics along with their children since there are a number of joyrides in the park for the kids. The park also boasts the presence of a small restaurant that serves great food. The lush green trees of the park can soothe tired people and provide respite for a day. It takes approximately 15 min to reach the park from Asansol city center.

Picnic spot near Asansol


Maithan Dam is located in the district of Jharkhand and is built on the Barakar River. Surrounded by gorgeous hills, still water, and green trees, it is an ideal spot for picnics.

The dam sits almost like a border between West Bengal and Jharkhand. The road built on the dam is filled with cars while those passing by choose to stop for a while to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You can also ride a boat in the water of the dam since there are a lot of boatmen ready to offer you rides. It is well connected by roads and railway from Asansol.

Satabdi Park

Shatabdi Sishu Udyan is another popular place for picnics in Asansol. It is maintained by the Indian Railways.

With plenty of natural trails and expansive areas for children to play, Satabdi Park is the ideal place for a day filled with fun with family and friends.  There are also a number of food stalls and canteens in the park along with amusement rides for kids.

Panchet Dam

Panchet Dam is the fourth dam of the multi-purpose dams that have been developed by the Damodar Valley Corporation. Located 20 km from Asansol, this dam is built across River Damodar, in Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

The reason why people love to frequent this place for picnics is the backdrop of the Panchet hills. A short drive from Asansol brings you to this place for a picnic with friends and family. You can also get down at the Kumardhubi station which is only 10 km away from Panchet.