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Post Office Asansol (Dak Seva Jan Seva)

 A Post Office is a government-operated postal system. Post Office provides services like sending mails, letters, parcels, selling postal stamps, collection of revenues, etc. It provides finance-related services like opening a savings account, money transfer, banking, insurance, and many others.

Basically, Post Offices are classified into three types – Head Post Office, Sub Post Office, and Branch Post Office. Asansol Post Office is a Head Post Office in the West Bengal Postal Circle. The Post divisional office is located Near Munshi Bazaar, Paschim Bardhhaman District, in the state of West Bengal. It is funded and operated by the government of India. It comes under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Indian Government. Traditionally, the services provided by the post office were very few like the collection of money, delivering mails and parcels but the status has changed as many vital services have been included in addition. The Dak Ghar has the facility of sorting, processing, and delivering mails, letters, parcels, and money order.

Government programs offered by Post Office:

  1. Senior Citizen Saving Scheme
  2. National Savings Certificate
  3. Kisan Vikas Patra
  4. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

The general running insurance schemes like Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPIL) that offer low premiums and high bonuses are highly favorable to the beneficiaries. There are many options to save and invest with post-office like Savings account, Recurring account, Monthly Deposit Income, Monthly Public Provident Fund, and Time Deposit.

The services are not only beneficial for the urban area but the rural people are gaining profit from these schemes. The backward regions of Asansol have got many opportunities by joining the post Office.

Other Services like Passport application, P.O Box distribution managed by the post office. The official website of the Indian Post Office is The Pin Code of this Dak Ghar is 713301.

Asansol Post Office Services

Except the general services like managing letters and parcels, its sorting and delivery, the Dak Ghar gives many outward and national services like:


  1. Mails
  2. Parcels
  3. Retail Services
  4. Premium Speed Post
  5. Tracking System
  6. India Post Tracking
  7. Number Formats
  8. Express Parcels
  9. Media Post
  10. Greetings Post
  11. Logistics Post
Asansol Post Office

Mail: The PO of Asansol has a mail facility. Mails include any type of content which are composed in the form of letters, post articles, packets, parcels, and other ordinary mails.

Parcels: People can send or receive parcels through the Head Post Office. The Parcels can be sent through mails also. By Parcels, we mean that any sort of goods like documents or things packed in any shape. Goods are sent in a risk-free state. The Parcels which are delivered by the post office window are only accepted and sent for further procedure.

Retail Services: The residents have another beneficial service to manage their bill payments. They pay their electric and telephone bills through the Retail Services. The Retail Service means a collection of telephone, mobile or electricity bills, other taxes, fees submission for government and private organizations. Selling of government application forms also comes under retail services. Asansol Dak Ghar is the helping hand for all these services.

Speed Post: Asansol PO has Speed Post Parcel Service also. The Speed Post service includes express delivery of letters and parcels. The Dak Ghar charges a delivery fee to deliver a parcel. However, the charges vary according to the weight of goods.

Express Parcel Post: This is a time-bound parcel delivery system to ease the process of fast-track delivery of goods. For getting the fastest delivery of a parcel, Asansolians use this Post Office service.

Media Post: Media Post is a unique advertisement postal service that offers a range of advertising mediums like postal stationery and postal premises. It is mostly beneficial to Indian corporate and Governmental Organizations that advertise among the mass in the fastest low-cost mode. The customers of Asansol advertise their brand with the help of advertisements on postcards, letters, aerograms, postal stationery, etc.

Money Order: It is one of the oldest means of sending money through the Post Office. The advantage of a money order that people send and receive money safely to their home without any disturbance, however, the maximum amount must not exceed 5000 rupees. Many people use this service to send or receive money.

e-Post: To promote the latest technologies, the government has provided various modes of facilities to interlink the people with Bharat Dak Seva. Still, there are many rural regions in the city, where people are not connected to the internet. In this condition, the new e-Post service has benefitted them digitally. In e-Post, the handwritten letters are scanned and sent through email electronically and then printed in the form of letters. Then it is sent to its destination. People can avail the E-Post service to their homes by registering on the government website The best benefit of e-post is that people can track and trace their letters until they are delivered. Not only this is done electronically, but it is very safe and secure, and there is no damage to the goods while delivering. Asansol is the head P.O of its neighboring sub-post offices so it is the main conductor of all sub-post offices.

Person on call

Any Queries?

These were some primary services provided by the Asansol head post office. If someone has any queries or complaints regarding any of the services like a savings account, insurance account, parcels delivery, letter, e-mails, government schemes, bill payments, revenue generation or transport ticketing and others then they can contact directly to Asansol Head Post Office near Munshi Bazaar or contact on 03412303661.