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Top Places to Visit in Asansol

Asansol is also called the ‘City of Brotherhood’. It is everyone’s first choice to visit whoever comes to West Bengal. The town is known for its coal mines, industrial areas, factories, architecture, literature, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The city lies in the southwest of West Bengal, in the lower regions of Chhotanagpur Plateau. It became the district headquarter of Paschim Burdhhaman. The metropolis is the second-largest city after Kolkata. If one visits West Bengal, this beautiful city must not be left untouched, because of its prominent tourist spots. According to the 2010 UK city development reports, it ranked the 11th fastest growing city in India. The metropolitan city name has significant meaning because it comes from ‘Asan’, a tree found in the banks of river Damodar, and ‘Sol’ means land; hence a land which is flourished by trees. There are many outdoor traveling sites, which are decent and refreshing for family and friends.

Places in Asansol

Best Places to Visit in Asansol

  • Kalyaneshwari Temple
  • Maithon Temple
  • Ghagar Buri Maa Temple
  • Nehru Park
  • Churulia
  • Shatabdi Park
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Asansol

Kalyaneshwari Temple

The beautiful red brick temple in the outskirts of the city has been a holy heritage of West Bengal for almost 500 years. It is 20 km away from Asansol, near the famous Maithon Dam situated between Jharkhand and West Bengal. The goddess ‘Devi Kali’ is worshiped here as the “Goddess of Shakti (power) and Fulfillment”; since the name, “Kalyan” describes the place of getting happiness and satisfaction. The temple is famous for the deity. Because it is believed that the statue is formed with one of the parts of goddess Sati, and thought to be a living one. There is no single day that the temple remains vacant because people come here in large numbers to pray. The architecture is simple and beautiful, more ideal for the childless woman seeking fertility. You must definitely take a visit with your family and friends.

Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam covers a large water area that is used for multipurpose projects. The Dam was constructed between 1951-1957 over Barakar River has up to 12 lock gates and is 4,789 m long. The hydropower project running in its background is producing up to 60 MV power. The present thermal power project is the first of its kind in India and is effectively supporting almost 16 million people working in an industrial and agricultural field. The site has a wonderful outlook, high landscape, tranquil waterside, green islands, and yes the mesmerizing Deer park, if luck is with you, groups of deer will be seen among the green woods. Boating towards the islands is a more enthusiastic trip amid tourists; this spot is mostly visited in the month of December and January. The Power projects have changed the definition of “Sorrow of Bengal” and now it has become valuable for industrialists.

Maithon Dam Evening

Maa Ghagra Buri Temple

The sacred temple has a very interesting historical background and it is believed that the deity is living. There is a famous myth believed by the residents, therefore the doors of the temple close in the early evening. People come here in a good amount every day to get the blessings of Mata. It is situated on the hill of Kali Pahari, Raniganj, beside the small river Nunia. The most charming site is the white foam water; surprisingly it is formed somewhere from inside the river and the most attractive one. There are hills and captivating beautiful scenery. A big annual fair is also held during Makar Sankranti.

Nehru Park

The famous Lahmeyer Park was renamed as Nehru Park on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is 14 km far from Asansol city. The park has stunning views of nature, musical fountains, watersides, restaurants. People come here to spend their leisure time with their family and friends. One must definitely visit the park for a picnic or outdoors. It is spread in a huge area and has a vast playing spot for kids along with exciting rides. Overall, the park is in its best condition and must be on your traveling bucket list.


Churulia is actually a small village in the suburb of Asansol. But the smaller it is, the richer its inheritance is. The great poet and writer Kazi Nazrul Islam was born here. His writings have flourished in Bengal and renowned all over the world. The village has remaining evidence of forts once a prosperous and prestigious insignificant frame. Kazi Nazrul University is established in the honor of him and providing education to graduate and undergraduate students. Think once like a Bengali, if you are wandering in the streets of Bengal, try to like the art, and the art will love you.

Shatabdi Park

The beautiful park is seen from the Grand Truck Road of Asansol. The park has become a children’s park recently and is the best place for kid’s enjoyment. It is 500 m away from the city bus stand and the easiest to reach. The children’s park has an eye-catching view of a water body that is decorated with ornamental trees. The pleasing water body looks awesome at night because of the glittering lights. It has beautiful statues, flowers, trees and excellent for photovoltaic people & a Famous Picnic Spot also.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Asansol

In 1997, Pope John created the Diocese of Asansol. It is a renowned holy church of Christians. However, the church came into existence with the leadership of Bishop Capriyon Monis, its first Bishop. Currently, it is working under the leadership of Pope Francis. This is Roman Catholic Church, and has 15 parishes and 86 priests. The church is mostly visited on Sundays, Easter, and Christmas. The architecture of the church is inspired by Latin art and follows Latin rites too. It is also known as the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Church.

These were some of the best places to have a look in the city. Definitely, there are hundreds of facts which make the city different, and cannot be described in words; come, live and enjoy the air of Bengal.