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Asansol Bus Stand

Asansol is a big metropolitan city, where different religions of people live with each other peacefully. Though there is diversity in religion, people share happiness and make a friendly atmosphere, and it is probably the reason that it is called the City of Brotherhood. Whether it be a traveling trip or any other local place, people will receive you with warm hearts. Asansolians are known for their education and traveling ecstasy to explore more.

In this metro, you will find a huge amount of hustle-bustle every day among the daily passengers who come to visit the city or live in or change their buses to go to their office.

The Bus services are the lifeline of the city. Asansol Bus Stand is probably the oldest and busiest bus stop of Paschim Bardhaman, situated on G. T. Road. It covers a large area, and there are many sub-divisions in the rest zone of buses. People do not have any problem taking public vehicles from here. There are various kinds of buses available like mini, local, express, and super express for all directions. All of these bus services are managed and conducted by the Asansol Bus Association. There are many facilities at the bus depot for travelers, like a waiting room, washroom, paid hotels, and restaurants. The transport fare is very cheap and wallet-friendly. As it is a metropolitan city, many workers come here from different states to do their job.

This public transport is always available for all nearby destinations. Different states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa are well connected with the bus route of Paschim Bardhhaman. They are not one-stop destination vehicles. The bus fare is comparatively cheap than any other mode of transport. The passengers, who travel every day, use this public transport. Overall, the Asansol Bus Station is a universal bus stop for its common mass.

People always get confused about the availability of buses seeing the hotchpotch of the bus stand. There are three significant bus depots in Asansol; the city bus stand, the railway station bus stand, and the Volvo Bus stand in Chelidanga.

You need not worry about the accessibility of the vehicle as we have distinguished the general buses in the following categories.

Buses in Asansol city
  1. Mini Bus
  2. Local Buses
  3. Express Buses
  4. Super Express Buses
  5. SBSTC
  6. A/C Buses

Mini Buses cover a short distance of approximately 20 to 30 kilometers. These are smaller in size though the busiest in Asansol and mostly used by everyone.

Local Buses are larger than mini and mostly used to go to specific places in the smaller areas. They also go to the Asansol Railway Station.

Express and super express buses are long-distance travelling vehicles, as they are bigger and run every day timely. These are non A/C automobiles and go to outlying cities like Durgapur, Bolpur, Krishnanagar, Purulia, Bankura, and other neighboring states.

SBSTC buses are managed by the South Bengal State Transport Corporation authority. You need not to worry about your safety premises in this Non A/C motor vehicle as it has the facility of CCTV and GPS. They are safer, because there is a speed limit on them, and drivers strictly obey the traffic rules. Tourism places like Digha, Jahrgram, Bolpur, Jalpaiguri, Sundarbans, Hooghly, and Purulia are also connected through SBSTC bus routes. People can book online tickets for SBSTC buses and select their seats according to their needs and comfort.

A/C attached buses are usually big Volvo buses. They are beautifully designed and comfortable. They are big and they run timely. The vehicle runs long destinations like the state capital Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Siliguri, and other far places. These A/C buses are not available in the central depot; it is 500 m away in Chelidanga. You can book tickets for the A/C automobiles online. Below are some popular Volvo Bus service agencies –

  1. Shyamoli Parivahan Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Dolphin
  3. Greenline
  4. Royal Cruiser
  5. Bijoyjatra
  6. Shaymoli Parivahan Pvt. Ltd. (Karunamoyi)

All of these are private bus companies. The vehicles are verified and registered, and the drivers are experienced. These buses are highly suggested to cover the long-distance as it has all inbuilt facilities like A/C, free Wi-Fi, CCTV, GPS Service access. They are comfortable but a bit expensive. They are easily accessible through Chelidanga (BNR) Volvo Bus Stand, near Girija more.

Overall, there are no worries regarding the availability of buses to go to anywhere in the city and to other neighbouring cities. From rural areas to urban cities, the road transport routes are well connected to each other. Even, to go to the remotest place in the suburbs, you can take a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or cabs that are easily found beside the city bus stand. The auto and taxi stand are nearly attached to the city bus stand.

If someone is thinking to visit Asansol, he must definitely come and enjoy it. There are many hotels to stay near the bus stand. Apart from that, there are good restaurants near it like- Lazeez Express, TukTukTawa, JaduKadai, The Theque, and Bay Leaf to have a delicious meal.

There are many tourist places in the metropolitan city, which can be visited with easy access to buses. The best thing about the Asansol bus stand is its location. The primary shopping market is just beside it, in Hutton Road. The Municipal Corporation, Asansol Court, Head Post Office, Fire Brigade Station, Shopping malls, Railway Station, Headquarter of the district are situated near to the bus depot. This is the reason behind so much crowd in the bus stand. Apart from that, it is known for its business market, good schools, and shopping; thus the bus service of Asansol serves many people at one time. It is a kind of wire that connects people with their daily routines and makes their life easy.